Product Sourcing 
If they asked you to find 10,000 chocolate bars wrapped in purple foil, you would know where to go! But the right style, colour and material promotional bag is another matter. Depending on your timescale and budget, quantity and style we will work with you to help choose the right bag for your campaign. Either from our standard stock range or from our bespoke service we can help select, pantone match (through dyeing or swatch matching), brand and manufacture a full range of bags from kid’s packs, cosmetics bags to sea sacks. 
You design it, we’ll supply it! 
Sample Making 
At French & Sarsby Ltd we aim to eliminate the element of mis-understanding by offering a full sample making service. 
Working with your design / production team we will create the product you want to size and in the material you specify and deliver it to you within a few days for approval. A small sample making charge may be applied to cover costs. 
You sketch it, we’ll provide a sample. 
Storage/Distribution & International Logistics 
From our warehouse partners in Hampshire we offer two system linked sites with over 130,000 square feet of warehouse space manned by over 120 employees. We can receive your materials, hold in storage until the whole campaign is ready to launch, then merge, pick, pack and distribute to your multiple national and international sites via Royal Mail or Courier services. 
In a recent campaign for a worldwide computer software company we inserted 10 point of sale items into a bag we had printed and supplied and distributed these kits to countries throughout Europe ready for a major in store push of a new product. In another campaign we not only supplied the branded T shirts and bags, but the refrigerated storage for a non dairy drink. 
We offer a comprehensive branding service for bags and merchandise. Working from your artwork supplied on disc or via email, the following services are available. 
• Silk screen printing 
• Transfer printing (four colour process) 
• Embroidery 
• Reflex printing (For all over colour on carrier bags) 
• Engraving (pens, wood handles or metal plaques) 
• Litho printing 
• Pad printing 
Chocolate, lipstick and money or promotional material? All bags need filling! We can receive your materials, hold in storage until the whole campaign is ready to launch then merge, pick, pack and distribute to your multiple sights. 
In a recent campaign for “So Good”, we supplied the T shirts, the carrier bags, inserted the customers leaflets and completed the fulfilment refrigerated storage and distribution of this milk free product. 
You tell us what with, we’ll fill it. 
Folding Boxboard Boxes 
Rigid Card Boxes 
For a long lasting packaging solution with a bit of style you can’t beat a tin. Suitable for CD’s, brochures, cosmetics or any other item requiring long retention. 
Rigid Card Boxes 
Traditionally used as chocolate boxes the rigid card box is ideal for an upmarket promotion with “gift” appeal. Often used as packaging for prestigious CEO giveaways like this one for Oracle. 
Folding Boxboard Boxes 
Suitable for printing four colour process so an ideal solution for promotional mailings that need a colourful presentation. 
Corrugated Packaging 
All styles available from white maltese cross to brown carton boxes. Ideal for mailing out all the bags and weird and wonderful promotional items from French & Sarsby! 
Tactile and trendy polypropylene can be turned into box folders, ring binders or brochure covers. Available in a huge variety of colours, this is a lasting material with style. 
Bespoke boxes tailored to your requirements like this one for BMW’s golf society. 
Translucent or opaque these “metallic” bags are ideal for a highly visible mailing envelope. Available in a variety of colours and sizes. 
Weird & Wonderful 
When Xerox decided they needed a few thousand pieces of worn carpet for their “if the carpet by your copier looks like this, you need one of these” campaigns … it got interesting! 
When Vodafone wanted to send out thousands of 1” size pieces of broken Greek china plate that looked like the real thing … we had a smashing time! 
When Iomega wanted a steel POS “sculpture” to promote their new “Click” disk …. we got artistic. 
When Bloomberg wanted to target the CEO’s of the major airlines with model flagship planes and brand the tails with their logo … we got hands on! 
….. so what can we do for you? 
Folding Boxboard Boxes 
Weird & Wonderful 
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